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Errrm….. Hi,

At Veidetheory, we design great online interactive stuff, brand identities, love chicken & chips, understand your core values and interpret them accordingly, play lots of video games, create mind-blowing advert videos, dabble in a little 3D and animations from time to time…


we specialize in projects that combine beautiful interactive design with intelligent technology. Here at Veide Theory, we understand that having a great website, a design for print, or even a fascinating logo is just not enough. You need results. We are a results-focused and driven shop. We love tying in creative marketing campaigns to our work to give the expected results.

By understanding your vision and core values to a level where it becomes our own. We want to fully own our commitment to you as a client and make sure that every person within Veidetheory is dedicated to bring about the results we’ve set out to achieve. when you speak to our Business Developement Unit they actually listen. After all, it’s their job to know in detail your issues, challenges and desires for the future. Once familiar with your business, they determine if our companies are a good fit, and how we can work together.


Web Design & Development

Veidetheory prides itself on the quality of its imagery and design yet remain practical throughout the design process. Web places great emphasis on the facilitation of communication, thoughtful, clean design and simple yet innovative layouts. This ensures that our clients’ websites and applications are built upon solid foundations and will provide the audience with an excellent user experience.
Because websites are dynamic in nature, they need constant development. We recommend that clients evaluate their site every year or two, depending on their field of business.

Brand Design & Development

Logos represent your company and act as the heart of your branding. Your logo should tell a story about what your company does, is and stands for. A logo might seem like a small addition to your company but it can have huge effects on growth and prosperity. Also every bit of communication leaving your company has the opportunity to impress, stand out, win respect and gain new customers. You are a professional, make sure you look that way, We can make you look that way.

Motion-Graphics & Video

We make web videos that use motion graphics to communicate your message in a way that’s fresh and impactful. Designing and animating your video is just part of what we do – we can also work on all aspects of your video, from scripts and storyboards to shooting live action and producing voiceovers and music.
Today’s marketing often demands more than just a typeface and an image. That is why we here at veidetheory have an extensive toolbox for creating videos and motion graphics for any medium and in any format.

Brand & Design Portfolio

Motion Design Portfolio


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